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Who we are

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KNS Institute has a seven-week summer and extended year program designed to build resiliency skills, positive identity, and self-esteem. Participants will be exposed to academic enrichment activities to improve academic outcomes in the area of mathematics, technology, communication and behavioral skills.

Why Choose KNS?

KNS Institute provides a safe and accepting environment for youth that will reduce risky behaviors and prevent them from engaging in the same behaviors in the future. The defined goals are as follows: To develop an awareness of his or her own leadership potential; to assist young people in developing essential leadership skills that enable them to act responsibly in all aspects of their lives; to prepare them to be active citizens who possess the leadership abilities to meet present and future challenges in the larger scope of community; and to provide youth with opportunities to learn and practice essential leadership skills within a learning community. The objectives of the program are adapted from the national standards for youth development and leadership and will guide KNS Institute.


  • Participants will acquire the skills, behaviors and attitudes that enable them to learn and grow in self-knowledge, social interaction and physical and emotional health.

  • Participants will demonstrate improvement in academic and developmental outcomes through experiential and activity-based learning (using technology).

  • Participants will understand the relationship between their individual strengths, desires and future goals; they will have the skills to act on that understanding.

  • Participants will have the knowledge and skills needed to practice leadership and participate in community life.

  • Participants will demonstrate the ability to make informed decisions on their own.

  • When does the program begin?
    KNS summer camp kicks off June 20th and ends of August 4th.
  • What ages of youth can attend KNS summer camp?
    KNS is available for all youth ages of 5 to 15.
  • What is the cost of tuition for the summer camp?
    KNS costs $150 per week for seven weeks. Camp costs include academic materials, a small snack, and transportation to field trips.
  • How can I enroll in KNS?
    You can enroll online through the registration link or call the administrative office at 302-730-7247.
  • What are your KNS Summer Camp hours?
    The camp runs from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. Please pick up your child on time. After 4:30pm, there is a $10 fee per 10 minutes.
  • What kind of activities will be available at KNS Camp?
    Activities include but are not limited to the following: -Social & Emotional Learning -S.T.E.A.M -Academic Enrichment Activities -Field Trips -Sports such as swimming and outdoor activities -Arts & Crafts -Reading Challenges
  • What Am I Allowed/Not Allowed to bring to Camp?
    No cell phones are allowed at camp. We are not responsible for lost or stolen phones.
  • Does your child have special needs?
    Please let us know if your child has any special needs so that we can accommodate them. Our staff is able to assist in a confidential manner.
  • What Can I Expect At Camp?
    Click on the following pdf to see our summer schedule.
  • Do You Offer Discounts?
    There are discounts for parents with multiple children. Please speak with our staff so we can assist you. We also have discounts for parents/caregivers who pay in full.
  • What Is Your Refund Policy?
    There are no refunds available. If your child attends one day of the week, you are responsible for paying for the entire week.
  • Do You Provide Food?
    We provide campers with a snack each day. Parents/caregivers are responsible for sending children to camp with a lunch.
  • What is the camp’s approach to discipline and how does the camp handle conflicts between campers?
    Students must uphold the student code of conduct. It must be signed by both the student and parent by the first day of camp.
  • What if my child require or takes medication?
    All medication must be in a pharmacy bottle with clear directions. It must be given to KNS staff upon arrival to camp. Please see the full policy in the handbook.
  • If I have a complaint who should I speak to?
    Email the camp Associate Director, Ms. Hawes:
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